A lot of people assume that you can’t have alcohol while on your journey to a healthier you. Although alcohol provides no extra benefits, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cut it out completely. As we all know, everything is okay in moderation; however, that doesn’t mean that drinking alcohol has no effects on your fitness goals – especially if you drink consistently or drink a lot on single occasions.

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, like coffee or certain prescription medications, which means that it dehydrates your body. When your body is dehydrated, your electrolyte balance becomes irregular. This has a direct effect on your muscle recovery. It can slow down your muscles while they try to rebuild and recover which can hinder your overall progress.

You can avoid side effects such as this one by staying hydrated while drinking alcohol. If you are conscious of drinking water between drinks then your body should not experience any dehydration. Another way to ensure there is no obstacles on the way to reaching your fitness goals is to simply moderate your drinking on a night out or at a wine dinner.

To hear more about the effects of alcohol on your fitness goals, you can watch my video down below:




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