If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me how to get abs, I’d be retired on my own private island. Okay, I’m exaggerating but I do get asked this all the time (you can see my Youtube video here). When it comes down to getting visible abs, there’s only two pieces to the puzzle.

Number one is having enough core muscle built up. Contrary to popular belief, doing 100 body weight sit-ups every morning typically won’t be enough. The reason being that your core builds muscle just like any other part of your body – by lifting weights. Doing bodyweight exercises will increase your core’s endurance but it won’t help increase the amount of muscle. Doing movements such as weighted decline sit-ups, cable crunches, and weighted planks are just a few great examples of workouts that will help to build lean muscle in your core.

The second piece of the puzzle is focusing on nutrition to keep a low enough body fat percentage. The harsh truth is that no matter how much muscle you have in your core area, if your body fat percentage is too high your abs won’t show. In order to lower your body fat, you need to eat right and be in a calorie deficit. For men, the average body fat percentage necessary to have visible abs is around 10-12 percent. Women should always have a higher body fat percentage than men due to a variety of reasons, such as keeping the menstrual cycle going, so for them 16-19 percent is the typical range.

Both of these factor into whether you can show off a nice six pack. If you’re looking to get visible abs, incorporate some weighted core workouts into your routine, get your body fat down by eating in a calorie deficit, and contact me here if you need any extra help!



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